Texas Bank and Trust, Pandemic Response

Healing Hands

The year 2020 will forever be remembered for the profound and significant challenges faced by so many friends, neighbors, and loved ones. In an effort to bring help and healing, resilience and recovery to the communities we serve, the executive leaders of Texas Bank and Trust challenged their bank family to provide the hands of hope throughout the bank’s markets during this incredible time. 

Alliance Bank, Marketing

2021 Video Market Awareness Marketing Campaigns

Recognizing the ever-growing cost of advertising with a very fragmented marketing audience was an immense challenge for Alliance Bank. High quality video production in conjunction with low-cost but immense social media audience penetration was a perfect solution.

First National Bank Texas, Financial Literacy

In-Person and Virtual Financial Literacy Classes

In 2020, while all communities across the country were impacted by COVID-19, underserved communities were disproportionately affected. Many challenges prevalent in low-resource communities were poverty, job loss, food insecurity, and housing. First National Bank Texas remained committed to continue their efforts with in-person financial literacy classes as well as adapting to the new virtual world to provide financial literacy classes.

First State Bank, Pandemic Response

Supporting the Community

In times when so much felt uncertain, our employees and neighbors knew they could count on us when it mattered most. From supporting our local businesses by purchasing meals to feed our employees, to quickly and efficiently streamlining the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to get our neighbors help when they needed it most, our mission of treating people like family came to define us in ways we never could have imagined.

Community National Bank, Architectural Design

CNB Headquarters Renovation and Relocation

In 2020, Community National Bank upgraded and relocated its headquarter location to downtown Midland. To show its commitment and how the Bank is moving forward, management decided it was time to transition their headquarters to a twelve-story tower in downtown Midland.

First Lockhart National Bank, Architectural Design

San Marcos Branch

First Lockhart National Bank opened its brand new signature branch in San Marcos, Texas. The branch side features both a large conference room and outdoor pavilion meeting their goal of community accessibility in hopes of fostering community involvement.

First National Bank Texas, Pandemic Response

PPP Loans

Since 1901, First National Bank Texas (FNBT) has committed to invest in the communities it serves. In 2020, the bank recognized the challenges small businesses faced and as each month passed, COVID-19 continued to impact active business owners. By proactively looking for ways to help improve our community, FNBT and its employees align with the community banker vision, serving as a valuable resource driving economic prosperity to the local economies.

FirstBank Southwest, Bank Culture

FBSW... Where Family Truly Means Family

At FirstBank Southwest, Faith. Family. Bank. is our motto. This motto governs all that we do.  The order of the words are very intentional. It signifies that family comes first, before bank. We want to be known for our incredible tenure because employees feel valued and love where they work. We believe if you take care of employees and their families, they will in return take care of the Bank.  

Happy State Bank, Financial Literacy  

Financial Literacy Week - Casa Mañana Social Media Takeover

Casa Mañana Broadway & Children’s Theatre is one the most well-known and respected nonprofits in the city of Fort Worth. When the organization approached Happy State Bank with the idea of collaborating to teach the community about finances, the bank was thrilled. We took over Casa Mañana’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts during Financial Literacy Week (April 10-17).

Kleberg Bank, Bank Culture

Culture-, Values-Driven Campaign Sets Tone in 2020 and Beyond

The idea of a culture, values driven campaign built around the motto CALM – STRONG – UNITED originated at the onset of the pandemic as a part of the Kleberg Bank’s response. The Bank has resumed normal operations, but the commitment to the common bond built during a time when things were uncertain and challenging remains very strong.

Legend Bank, Marketing

New Online Banking and Mobile App Customer Conversion Communication

Legend Bank is strategically focused on providing customers with advanced digital banking features and functionality. As COVID precautions began limiting our ability to serve customers in person, in branch, we knew that our conversion to a new online banking and mobile app was a top priority. On August 18, 2020, we converted over 14,000 customers to our new Online Banking and Mobile App.

Lone Star National Bank, Pandemic Response

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits is a “pop up card” look video produced to create an opportunity for the youth to be educated about the importance of healthy habits during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. The goal of the video was for parents and children to enjoy watching it together and create an education platform and lighthearted experience during such unprecedented times. 

SouthStar Bank, Architectural Design

Moulton Branch Renovation

The SouthStar Bank Moulton Branch restoration project began with the goal of restoring the building with an authentic interpretation of its turn-of-the-century Victorian architecture. The project was designed and executed by local contractors, craftsmen and designers.

Texas First Bank, Architectural Design

Revitalizing the Hitchcock Banking Center

After nearly fifty years, it was time for “The Birthplace of Texas First Bank” to join the 21st century and be remodeled. Getting rid of hundreds of can lights and a 46-foot teller line, our Hitchcock banking center was redesigned to create a space where the past, present and future all meet in service of the community.

The Commercial Bank, Pandemic Response

Proactive Passion

In light of the climate of uncertainty created by the COVID pandemic, The Commercial Bank charted a course to be proactive, with our local businesses, as they are the lifeblood of our small community providing jobs and thus income for their families.

Woodforest National Bank, Financial Literacy

Woodforest Foundry's Entrepreneurship 4 All (Virtual Edition)

Seeing how small businesses in our communities were enduring hardships and struggling to stay afloat starting in March 2020, we wanted to find even more ways to help keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in Texas and across our 17-state footprint. We put a team of Community Development Relationship Managers and Retail Bankers together to transform our award-winning Woodforest Foundry (Foundry) Entrepreneurship 4 All (E4All) curriculum from an immersive onsite experience into a 100-percent virtual format in less than 30 days.

Brady National Bank, Community Service

Giving Back to Our Community

Brady National Bank invests in its local areas in multiple ways. You'll find our bank and our people helping others wherever you look. From sitting on the school board to hosting local charity events, we're a part of the fabric that weaves our town and its people together!

Community National Bank and Trust of Texas, Architectural Design 

Waxahachie Branch

Community National Bank and Trust of Texas opened its brand new two story 29,000 square foot branch and office complex in Waxahachie in early May. The bank has made a major commitment in Waxahachie providing state of the art banking and class A office space.

FirstCapital Bank of Texas, Pandemic Response

We’re All in This Together

Our motto throughout the pandemic has been, “We’re All in This Together,” meaning that while we may all be facing our own challenges as a team and a community, we can all get through the darkness together through the support of one another. We prioritized our communities, customers and team members throughout the pandemic and continued to place them above all.

Lamar National Bank, Pandemic Response

Protecting and Serving During the Pandemic in Paris

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and an unprecedent economic collapse, Lamar National Bank, a rural‐based Texas community bank, utilized its best assets – its people – to help support its community during the worst of times. 

Lone Star National Bank, Bank Culture

LSNB History & Values

The History & Values video project represents an introductory primer to the history, culture and values of LSNB. It is one thing to say that you are a “community bank” but in this video we show many examples of how LSNB truly places the needs of the community it serves first.

SouthStar Bank, Marketing

100-Year Anniversary Campaign

Throughout the past 100 years, SouthStar Bank has built a tradition of serving its local community. Ahead of the bank’s 100th anniversary, SouthStar Bank developed a marketing strategy to honor the milestone. The strategy included a book drive, a youth promotion, community events, digital communications and special 100-year branding.

Texas Bank and Trust, Bank Culture

Community Focused Culture Drives Results

In January of 2020, we partnered with Haberfeld and launched the HPG™ strategy; the foundation is based on aligning our people, products, processes and promotions. When Covid-19 was shutting lobbies across the U.S., our teams were able to quickly adjust and adapt. 

The Commercial Bank, Community Service

Intentional Servanthood

Community Service and being intentional about that service is at the forefront of our bank culture and paramount to how we operate each and every day. This year we stretched that a bit more with the Mason County Courthouse fire and helping lead the charge to rally support for funding the shortfall of $4 million to ensure the county has the funds to rebuild the courthouse to its original grandeur.

Vista Bank, Pandemic Response

Community Banks - The Amazon Prime of the CARES Act

While big banks operate like tankers, community banks are the speedboats that take highly-committed highly-trained special forces to handle special ops missions. 2020 became ground zero for commercial community banks like Vista. After ensuring the health and well-being of our team and families, we focused on our mission: Entrepreneurs Banking Entrepreneurs.

Brady National Bank, Bank Culture

Satisfying Needs and Building Relationships

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. At Brady National Bank, we pride ourselves on our core values of “Satisfying needs and building relationships.” Our clear mission, vision and values reflect the beliefs and philosophies of Brady National Bank as they are stable and widely communicated.

Community National Bank and Trust of Texas, Bank Culture

Bank Culture

Every employee at CNB&T feels that they are one piece of a larger expedition towards excellence. We all work together for the greater good and are rewarded for it with generous benefits and rich company culture. An emphasis on the importance of volunteering makes employees feel like their company values each of our communities.

First State Bank, Marketing

Family First

What does family mean to First State Bank? For us, it has always meant treating our employees like family, which is an essential part of our mission statement. This past year our neighbors truly became extensions of our family, as together we faced the unknown and overcame so much. This led us to develop our 2021 campaign: Family First. Throughout this campaign, our goal is to support our employees and customers in a way that larger institutions can’t compare.

First United Bank, Marketing

Spirit of West Texas Podcast

Throughout the past year we saw many of our friends, customers and neighbors face obstacles they had never known before 2020. We also saw and heard stories of great perseverance, creativity and true West Texas grit from small business owners all across our community. The more stories we heard, the more we realized that these stories are worth telling and worth hearing. From this desire, the Spirit of West Texas Podcast was born.

FirstBank Southwest, Pandemic Response

Taking Care of Our Customers and Employees When it Mattered Most

When the pandemic occurred, it was the mission of FBSW to ensure that our employees and customers where provided a healthy and safe environment in which to work and do business.  FBSW took this opportunity to really show both our employees and customers, how much we truly value them.  

Lamar National Bank, Architectural Design

New Build - Celina Branch

Lamar National Bank built its first new location in 22 years in Celina, Texas. The 8,000 square feet architectural gem was designed to represent Lamar’s complete commitment to be THE hometown bank of Celina. 

Legend Bank, Community Service

Cooking Events: Cooking for our Customers and Communities

Legend Bank has a long history of supporting our communities through involvement in local boards, organizations, chambers and non-profits. One of the ways that we elevate this level of support is through our cooking events. We have a custom-made cooker that we use to go on-site for customer appreciation events, events to support local non-profits and community organizations as well as those in need in our communities and our first responders.

MCBank, Pandemic Response

MCBank - A True Community Partner

As the Covid-19 crisis and subsequent shutdowns and restrictions severely affected the Texas economy, community banks were there to help. MCBank is proud to play an important and ongoing role in helping our communities get the assistance they need.

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