Sponsor and Exhibitor Information and Benefits

IBAT’s annual convention is a great opportunity to meet, visit and network with CEOs, senior managers and directors to promote your company’s or organization’s service and image.

We GUARANTEE your audience will be comprised of key decision makers…primarily CEOs! Sounds too good to be true, you say? Our attendance continues to be very steady, and we can virtually ensure that there will be representatives from over 200 DIFFERENT locations throughout Texas.

Interested? The IBAT Convention presents a unique opportunity for vendors and bank suppliers to gain even greater exposure. In addition to simply attending, there are a number of other ways you may participate further…


  • FULL SPONSORSHIP of an Event…Under IBAT’s supervision, you will be the SOLE sponsor of the function.  ALL events are open to full sponsorship.
  • CO-SPONSORSHIP of an Event…Also under IBAT’s supervision, you may contribute a portion of the cost of the event (as indicated on the accompanying list of events available) that will enable you to co-sponsor an event with another company and/or IBAT.
IMPORTANT: only sponsorship of convention activities, however, qualifies for complimentary registrations, exhibit space and/or ad space in the convention guide (i.e., only events/items listed on the document “Convention Events & Items Available for Sponsorship”).

To ensure your sponsorship, complete the enclosed application and return it with the applicable deposit(s) at your earliest convenience.

Useful Links:
Exhibitor Personnel Registration Forms
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  • Ticket and Day Passes