2022 Connecting Leaders Conference Tracks and Breakout Sessions

Thursday, June 16

1:00-2:00 p.m.


Session Details

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Intro to Banking and Beyond

Slaven Bilac, Agent IQ

Artificial Intelligence enables banks to manage record-level high-speed data to receive valuable insights. This session will cover:

  • The ins and outs of AI and how it can help your community bank to streamline your digital payments;
  • Bots for customer service;
  • Biometric fraud detection systems that lead to high-quality services for a broader customer base;
  • The meanings behind machine learning, natural language processing and expert systems that use vision;
  • Speech and robotics to streamline banking operations;
  • How regulators and compliance experts are using these technologies to assist in locating and identifying fraud more efficiently; and
  • Examples of companies who became more efficient, increased production and services as well as streamlined delivery of payments services. 

Risk Management

What Risks are Keeping You Up at Night?
Christy Bussey, Independent Bankers Association of Texas, Matt Harris, The Baker Group, Rian Clinton, Fitech By Deluxe and Chet Fenimore, Harrison, LLP
This panel discussion will focus on existing and emerging issues in risk management.  You will hear a diverse group of industry professionals discuss strategy, economics, cyber security and much more. 

HIGH Risk Customers - Banking Cannabis
Kelly Goulart, Independent Bankers Association of Texas and Mabel Simpson, Munck Wilson Mandala Law Firm

Whether it's complying with federal agencies, state regulations, local rules or banking requirements, compliance is pivotal to the survival of community banks when dealing with the cannabis industry. Where do we go from here to operate in a compliant yet flexible manner? Learn to ask the right questions and what red flags to look for when dealing with HIGH-Risk customers, growth of the cannabis industry in Texas, the new challenges community banking is facing and the hemp precedents. 


Climbing Out of the Box - The Next Decade Vision
Matthew Smith, Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Leading today means empowering your team to think beyond historical banking boundaries. It makes sense to be willing to utilize the expertise and ideas of others who surround you to expand your products and services. This session will cover:


  • Why people choose to lead inside the box and how you leap out; 
  • How to gain momentum by shifting mindset to think beyond your perceived boundaries; and
  • Examples of how other community bank leaders have achieved success through team generated innovation.

Thursday, June 16

2:15-3:15 p.m.


The Cost of Having Your Head in the CLOUD
Cal Roberson, CalTech (Panel Moderator)

This panel discussion of bankers will review how some banks tip toed into the cloud-based future and some just leapt off the cliff. Cloud computing is a growing part of the banking industry and is a solution to manage data banking, telecommunications and logistics and systems effectively. This session will cover:

  • Migrating IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud and hidden costs. What to look for when migrating and beyond; 
  • Managing applications and when to bring in help; and
  • Support required from other non IT departments. 

Risk Management

How’s Your 1071 Temperature?
Christy Bussey, Independent Bankers Association of Texas

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a proposed rule to bring Section 1071 of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act) to fruition. Community banks will be tasked with collecting and reporting certain data on small business credit applications. This session will cover  the requirements under Dodd Frank, concerns with the proposed rule and suggestions for getting your bank ready when the time comes.

  • Does the rule apply to your financial institution and the mandatory compliance date;
  • What to change in current policies, procedures, and processes going forward and detailed breakdown of the required data; and
  • Covered Applications, Transactions & Exclusions in detail.


The Language and Time of Leadership
Kathy Smith, Bank Compensation Consulting

Are you using your time wisely in meetings within your organization? Is your language of leadership being effectively applied across the company? This session will teach you how to operate your meetings with efficiency and effectively get your message across by:  

  • Using the right language of leadership to form cohesive content;  
  • Identifying meeting categories and their most optimal time frames; and
  • Running purposeful gatherings online and in-person to use your team’s skillsets to their advantage.

Friday, June 17

7:30-8:30 a.m.

Being Held Hostage - Playbook for a Ransomware Attack
Zibeon Serrato, CalTech, Sarah Cleves, ABA Insurance Services, and Lisa Micciche, ABA Insurance Services

Prepare your questions as you hear from a panel of experts who have responded to ransomware attacks. Learn how a ransomware event unfolds and what a sound response looks like. After the presentation, you’ll have plenty of time for an interactive Q&A session.

  • Trends and risk factors;
  • Ransomware incidents – a closer look at an attack at a bank and a third-party vendor; and
  • Incident response – what works, what doesn’t and prevention tips.

Risk Management

Are You Fair and Reasonable? The 2022 Lending Landscape
Christy Bussey, Independent Bankers Association of Texas
Fair Lending is going to be a major focus for our industry today and beyond. This program will discuss emerging trends in fair lending compliance and enforcement arising under recent federal and state initiatives including:

  • General housekeeping of where we are as an industry in terms of rules and regulations;
  • What regulators are focusing on the coming months;
  • How to best prepare for an exam or audit and to ensure that the entire organization is set up for compliance and success; and
  • How to find opportunities within the data or how to improve if areas of weakness are discovered.

What's Happening in Economic Sectors
Luis Torres, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Hear from the experts at the Federal Reserve Bank on insights about current and future trends in the U.S. and global economy, the short-term outlook for Texas and what to expect from the remainder of 2022 including the ongoing challenges including supply chain crunches and the threat of inflation, commodity prices and markets in Texas and beyond.  


Hybrid Leadership - Making an Impact With a Simple Change
Ned Pauley, Haberfeld

Hybrid leadership is defined as a style of management that blends emotional intelligence alongside business acumen to lead in authentic, empowered, open, collaborative, strategic, visionary, and nurturing way for remote, in-person and hybrid teams. This session will give you simple changes you can transform into evolving habits to help with the:

  • Challenges of hybrid leadership;
  • Collective intelligence in a hybrid workplace;
  • Drive performance without close monitoring or supervision; and
  • Champion employee development - what motivates and engages emerging leaders?

Friday, June 17

10:45-11:45 a.m.

Down and Nerdy with Fintech (Live BHB Event)
Matthew Smith, Independent Bankers Association of Texas and Tanner Mayo, FedFis 

Be a part of a livestream Bankers Helping Bankers event where the Down and Nerdy team will interview bankers and fintech experts on the upcoming payment and currency trends and how that fits into the technology stack of banks. This group will also be available for live information and technology questions as we stream nationwide from the Connecting Leaders Conference on the Bankers Helping Bankers platform. 

Risk Management 

Credit Policy Check-Up
Christy Bussey, Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Your credit or loan policy is the foundation of your lending program and is critical to managing any potential risk in your portfolio. When is the last time you reviewed and updated your policy? Did you make revisions related to the pandemic and are you prepared for what may be coming with a potential economic downtown? This session will focus on:

  • Defining Risk Culture;
  • Underwriting and Exceptions;
  • Monitoring and Reporting; and
  • Recent Exam Trends. 

The Big Shift - Population Migration

Rob Reis, Deluxe

Texans are moving at rates like we have not seen before. Urbanites are taking advantage of selling high and moving to rural areas, and rural residents are moving to the urban areas for the burgeoning job markets. As people move, so do their bank accounts. In this session, learn methods on capturing new customers as the big shift is happening by:

  • Find moving targets;
  • Customer relationship management through the shift;
  • The right products for a new customer base; and
  • Effective marketing. 


Leading Change with DEI in Mind
Lauren Sparks, Agility Bank CEO, Founder and Chairwoman

With the global pandemic intersecting with the social justice movement, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have perhaps never been more top-of-mind for corporations, including financial institutions. Experience this interview with one of the top bank CEOs on how they have woven diversity, equity and inclusion into the fabric of their organization by incorporating:

  • Recruiting diversity;
  • Representing you markets; and
  • Making DEI part of your corporate vision.